Brogan and Company, LLC is a reliable advisor that understands the construction industry. We

provide guidance on the financial, tax, operational, and strategic needs of construction companies.

A Unique Approach


We provide much more than just financial statements and tax returns - you will develop a personal connection with our firm. We've gained over 25 years of experience by immersing ourselves in the industry and by working closely with contractors, bonding agents, sureties, and banks. We will help your business by:

  • Planning for long-term financial success

  • Identifying the information you need to make good business decisions

  • Understanding financial decisions you make affect all aspects of your company

  How Can We Help?


  • Assistance obtaining financing and bonding

  • Relevant, timely, and accurate financial reporting

  • Understanding changes in tax regulations develop your tax strategy

  • Managing profitability and cash flow in changing markets

  • Planning for ownership succession issues

  • Industry-specific financial statements and tax services

  • Analysis of financial results compared to industry trends

  • Software consulting

  • Outsourced accounting services

  • Succession and business planning

  • proactive tax planning and advice

  • Market and trends analysis

  • Accounting staff training



Our clients include:

  • General commercial building contractors

  • Highway contractors

  • Paving and utility contractors

  • Concrete and masonry contractors

  • Flooring contractors

  • Homebuilders

  • Commercial real estate developers

  • Various specialty contractors

  • Electricians

  • Construction suppliers

  • Wall and ceiling contractors

  • Plumbers

Maryland Firm Number 0042549

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